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2019 Youth Highland Competition Results

The 2019 Youth Highland Competition was held June 2, 2019 on the grounds of the Ottawa Technical Secondary High School in Ottawa. This is the second year for this competition.

Competitors were given the opportunity to compete in solos, trios, quartets and band events. The turnout was excellent despite the rain, the weather cleared long enough for massed bands at the end of day. Congratulations to all competitors!

The band results are listed as (Allan MacKenzie Piping 1, Alan Clark Piping 2, Steve Lanning Drumming, Darryl Lim Ensemble).

The solo results are listed, left to right, as first through sixth.


1. Connie Blaney Memorial (1,1,1,1)

2. Ottawa Caledonian Pipes and Drums (3,2,2,2)

3. Thuirle Thairle Youth Pipes and Drums (2,3,4,4)

4. 75/742 Band Programs Senior Pipes and Drums (4,4,3,3)

Solo Piping

Practice Chanter – Maïa Greckovetsky, Silas Ng, Nadege Greckovetsky, John Marinelli, Katrina Cheng Piping A – Richard Chaytor, Thomas Rozon, Gabrielle Soucy Piping B – Heidi McIntyre, Noah Yateman, Joseph Durst

Solo Drumming

Practice Pad – Jade Seunghoon Lee, Damon Han, Anais Ayivi, Priscilla Akotondji Snare A – Nate Mears Snare B – Jacob Campbell, Grace Moran, David Schufelt, Cameron Aldous, Paul Fohr Tenor B – Noor Youssef, Alysha Desrochers, Julie Lee, Sophia Calvano Bass B – Jonathan French, Ian Darragh

Ensemble Contests

Quartet – 742 Pipe Squeaks


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