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#55 Ross Davison

Ross began his musical journey in Grade 5 when he chose saxophone and started in the school’s music/band program. He later branched into private lessons, studying jazz with Raphael Quinones and classical music with Dr Greg Wolynec, his high school band director.

In 1996 his family made their first pilgrimage to the Glengarry Highland Games; soon after a practice chanter and lessons were arranged with the Brockville Legion Pipes and Drums. He immediately got hooked into the piping and drumming scene, starting lessons with Ed Bush, and augmented that experience with instruction at the Glengarry School of Piping and Drumming. In 1998 he joined the Grade 4 Glengarry Pipe Band. Ross continued instruction with Ed throughout high school and is quick to note that Ed Bush had a profound influence on his musicality leading into university.

Thank you to Ron Graham for bringing this story to life and to Graeme Ogilvie for the layout.


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