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Celebrating 40 years of Branch History!

The Eastern Ontario Branch of the PPBSO has had an active history, with a website dedicated to the activities of the branch for many years. The first official newsletter posted on the PPBSO Eastern Ontario Branch website was in March of 1997. At the time, Brian Williamson was president with Murray Bond and Graeme Ogilvie as Vice-Presidents. Jack Yourt was treasurer and Archie Morrison was secretary. The final round of the Knock-outs had just ended with Andrew Hayes winning the Professional Division, Tom Brown winning the A Division and Daryl King winning the B Division. Plans were underway for the Senior Professional Contest and the Ottawa Branch Indoor Competition. The Kingston School of Scottish Music and Dance was advertising its annual summer school, and the 78th Frasers were live in concert at Grant Hall at Queens University in Kingston. The PPBSO Ottawa Branch Newsletter has grown and remained a strong thread of the branch fabric, in large part to the efforts of Graeme Ogilvie. For more history of the branch, check out the archived newsletters on the website.


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