January 16th Knockout Results

The results of the second Knockout are in! We had a very strong entry with 28 contestants across multiple categories. Thank you to all judges and competitors for taking part.

The next Knockout is on February 20th. Registration is now open.

Remember! If you missed one of the earlier Knockouts, that doesn’t mean you can’t compete in the next ones. Points accumulate across the entire series, so you could still qualify for the finals even if you didn’t take part in each event. A link to the current Knockout point standings is after the results.

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Note for the next Knockout: This will feature the Canadian Content H/J contest for A pipers. For this, pipers are asked to submit tunes written by Canadian citizens or permanent residents. If you have questions about whether your tune is suitable for this contest, please write to info@ppbso-ottawa.org.


A Piping (9 entrants)


Judge: Alan Clark

  1. Andrew C. Robertson

  2. Thomas Bruce

  3. Hugh Metcalfe

  4. Jean-Sébastien Gamache

  5. Gregory Joseph

  6. Mike Fenton

B Piping (13 entrants)

2/4 March

Judge: Ross Brown

  1. Paula Campbell

  2. Noah Yateman

  3. Tristan Perry

  4. Aubre Scott

  5. Ron J. Graham

  6. Robert Miller

C Piping

3 / 4 March

Judge: Alan Clark

  1. Donna Cooper

40+ Piping

Slow Air & 6/8 March

Judge: Alan Clark

  1. Michael Walsh

B Snare

2/4 March (4 pts)

Judge: Joe Kiah

  1. Gabriel Benay

  2. Owen Yateman

C Snare

2/4 March (2 pts)

Judge: Joe Kiah

  1. Duncan Shaheen

  2. Lillian Scott

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