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Knockout Results – Canadian Content Contest

The Ottawa Branch knockout series continued on Saturday, February 2 with the A division piping and A&B division drumming knockout events.

The evening began with the drumming events, judged by Steve Lanning. In the B division Jig, Shahna Summers of the Sons of Scotland took first place, with Beth Bisaillon accompanying on the pipes with the Glasgow City Police Pipers.

In the A division drumming, the sole competitor was Devin Roberts of the Ottawa Police Services Pipes and Drums, with Chris Dodson accompanying with the classic 6/8 marches John MacColl’s Farewell to the Scottish Horse and Donald MacLean of Lewis.

The piping event was judged by Sean McKeown of the Toronto Police Pipe Band. It was the second annual “Canadian content” event with competitors playing medleys consisting of tunes written by Canadian composers, showcasing the diversity and quality of Canadian tune-writing. The winner of the event was Walter McLeish, with Valerie Cooke Johnson a close second and John Steele rounding out the top three.

Following the contest, Sean McKeown entertained a packed, rowdy room that was augmented by several Winterlude enthisiasts who heard the event from the street and made a detour on their way home from skating on the nearby Rideau Canal. After a series of competition sets, feverish crowd-pleasers and an impromptu chant for “one more set” everyone went home happy from one of the most exciting evenings in recent memory.

The raffle winners were Karine Mayers and Andrew Sandison, with the prizes donated by Wendy Baskerville, Doug MacLeod, Brown Highland Supply and pipes|drums.

Raffle winner: Andrew Sandison

Featured Composers:   Archie Cairns, James McHattie, Bruce Gandy, Bob Worrall, John Walsh, Bill Livingston, Jim McGillivray,  Ed Bush, Scott MacAulay, Michael Grey, Valerie Cook Johnson, Colin Clansey, Matt MacIsaac, John Wright, Rob Crabtree, Jack Lee, Scott Williams, Jamie MacNeil, Jerry Holland, John Morris Rankin

Canadian Content Competition Winner:  Walter McLeish

Canadian Content Competition Winner: Walter McLeish

Victoria Bell

Victoria Bell

Valerie Cook Johnson

Sean McKeown in Recital

Sean McKeown in Recital

Sean McKeown in Recital

Branch Secretary, James van de Ven

Branch Secretary, James van de Ven

James Johnson

Devin Roberts

Dave Rankin

Audience relaxing before the Sean McKeown's recital

Audience relaxing before the Sean McKeown’s recital

A view of the audience.

Group B – Drumming Judge:  Steve LanningPlaceNameTunes 1 Shahna Summers Glasgow City Pipers 2 James Johnson Cutting Bracken 3 Victoria Bell Paddy’s Leather Breeches

Group A – Drumming Judge:  Steve LanningPlaceNameTunes 1 Devine Roberts John MacColl’s Farewell to the Scottish Horse, Donald MacLean of Lewis

Group A – Piping Judge:  Sean McKeownPlaceNameTunes 1 Walter McLeish Rodrick Ross, At Long Last, Sandy Gordon, Ed’s Slow Air, In and Out of teh Harbour, Michael Rankins, Bush Reel 2 Valerie Cook Johnson PM Doug Boyd, Rangoon to Hong Kong, In Memory of Asher Dodenhoff, Marion Bridge, Paul K’s, Brenda Stubbert, Jack Daniels 3 John M. Steele Dr. JW and his Dog, Under the Apple Tree, Emily Kate MacLellan, Piping Hot Summer 4 Andrew Sandison The Captains Pledge, Drew J. MacIntosh, Jean’s Fancy, 2 Days in February, Rodney Hull QC, Tam O’Shanter Suite, Fleshmarket Close 5 Dave Rankin Lampson St. March, The L & B Sweep, Asleep at the Wheel, Tir Gogan, The Maple Leaf Forever 6 Cameron Baskerville Piper’s Hoedown, Auchnaluin, Thornbury Cottage, PM Sandy Gordon, Pee Wee’s Waltz, All about Class, Michael MacDonalds Jig, The Fire Drill


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