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Motions for Consideration at October 3rd Knockout

The following motions have been submitted by Branch members for discussion at the start of this weekend’s Knockout contest. Motions approved by a majority will be forwarded to the PPBSO executive for inclusion in the PPBSO AGM agenda.

The PPBSO AGM will be held on Saturday, November 7th in Brantford, Ontario.

Branch Knockout and AGM Motions

  1. When: 7:00 pm

  2. Where: HMCS Bytown Naval Officers Mess, 78 Lisgar St.

  3. Events: “A” Piping, “A” Drumming, “B” Drumming, Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme presentations

  4. Judges: Brian Williamson, Chris Bell

  5. Cost: $7.00 (There is no charge for those only wishing to partake in the motions discussion from 7:00 – 7:30 pm).

Motions for ConsiderationProviding optimal conditions for solo competitors:That all solo competitions in PPBSO sanctioned games be performed on “boards.”Recognizing the achievements of Grade 1 drum corps:That the PPBSO and organizers of the North American Pipe Band Championships create a Sash (or similar prize) to be awarded to the best Drum Corps at the North American Championships. Recognizing top corps at sanctioned contests:That Best Pipe Corps, Best Drum Corps, and Best Bass Section be announced before overall band results at each PPBSO sanctioned band contest. Featuring solo piping:The PPBSO will work with games committees to determine the feasibility of holding professional piobaireachd and a portion of grade 1 light music contests (or some other portion of solos) on the Friday evening prior to the games day. Contest requirement scheduling:The schedule of contest requirements (MSR vs Medley) be decided via a calendar based formula. Renewing massed band repertoire:The massed band repertoire list will alter each year with the inclusion 1 new tune each year and the retiring of 1 old tune each year among repertoire decided upon by the Music Committee. Ensuring variety in Grade 5 march medleys:All quick march medleys are to include at least 2 parts 6/8 and/or 2/4 march. Band regrading:All sheets are to be amended so that judges are required to determine if a band is above or below the grade. Operating sustainably:That the PPBSO adopt email communications with members as its default. Members seeking paper-based notifications from the main body (e.g. for AGM motions) may opt in to that medium when they renew their membership. Ensuring grading fairness:The Music Committee will not alter the grade of any band by more than one grade level between two competition years.


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