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Ottawa Branch Knockout Results – October 5, 2013

The opening Ottawa Branch Knockout Competition started with Group A piping and Group A and B drumming. The opener was well attended with approximately 65 attendees. Thank you to everyone for making this event a success! Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme awards were distributed to the winners and a raffle was held with support from our very generous sponsors:

  1. PD Pottery

  2. Kingston Scottish Festival

  3. Sons of Scotland Pipe Band

  4. Scottish and Irish Store

For a complete list of Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme 2013 Winners, please see this page

The piping adjudicator was Ross Brown and the drumming adjudicator was Steve Lanning.  The recital was provided by Andrew Hayes.



Group B Drumming – Four-parted 2/4 March (3 Competitors)PlaceName1stJames Johnson2ndKiernan Alexander3rdMatthew Houlzet

Group A Drumming – Hornpipe Jig (1 Competitors)PlaceName1stDevin Roberts

Group A Piping – Two 6/8 Marches (14 competitors)

Competitors:  Gregory Joseph, Ryan Ross, Andrew Sandison, Will Ridley, Keith Theobald, Ross Davison, Walter McLeish, Gordon Martin, Tom Brown, Alex Blockley, John Steele, Zachary Dwyer, Val Cooke, Kaj SullivanPlaceName1 stTom Brown2ndWill Ridley3rdRoss Davison4thValerie Cooke5thKeith Theobald6thAndrew Sandison


Thank you to HMCS Bytown Naval Mess for hosting!


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