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Registration Open! Amateur Piobaireachd Contest & Ottawa Indoor Highland Games

Ottawa Indoor Highland Games Registration

Registration for the Ottawa Branch Indoor Highland Games is now open!

The games will take place in Kemptville on Saturday, May 4th.

Entries will close two weeks in advance (Saturday, April 20th).

New for 2019

PPBSO Champion Supreme Points for solo events

As announced at the last Knockout, PPBSO Champion Supreme points will be awarded to PPBSO members (alongside the traditional Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme points). Please note: PPBSO members, or members of other pipe band organizations risk disqualification if they enter a grade not assigned to them by their organization.

Juvenile band contest

We’re excited to offer a juvenile band contest!

How it will work: Minimums for Juvenile grade are 5 pipers, 2 snare drummers, 1 bass, all of eligible juvenile age. “Eligible juvenile age” means any competitor whose 19th birthday occurs after the contest. Proof of age may be requested. Juvenile bands may add a non-juvenile piper as Pipe Major in addition to the minimum 5 juvenile age pipers. Juvenile bands may also add a non-juvenile drummer as their Lead Drummer in addition to the minimum 2 juvenile age snare drummers. Players of eligible juvenile age on the roster of a Juvenile band may also compete with one (1) non-Juvenile band on the day.

Quartet categories

We’ve also made some changes to the types of quartets that groups can enter.

New registration system

We are trialling a new registration system. If you have any questions when registering, please write to us via our contact page, or reply to this email.


Amateur Piobaireachd Contest – March 9th

On Saturday, March 9th we will be holding our amateur piobaireachd contest!

Where: HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess – 78 Lisgar St. in downtown Ottawa


“C” Piobaireachd (Main Level):

  1. Requirements: One (1) ground – own choice

  2. Grade approximation – New piobaireachd players, those with limited Novice competitive experience

“B” Piobaireachd (Crow’s Nest):

  1. Requirements: One (1) full piobaireachd – own choice

  2. Grade approximation – Experienced Novice, Junior Amateur

“A” Piobaireachd (Main Level):

  1. Requirements: One (1) full piobaireachd – own choice

  2. Grade approximation – Intermediate and Senior Amateur

Entry deadline: Wednesday, February 27th

Competition start times: All contest start times will be finalized based on entries. The contest will run during the mid-day/afternoon before the evening’s Knockout Final.

Order of play: Reverse order of entry. Sign up early to secure a later draw!

Cost: $7.00. Piobaireachd contest entrants and attendees get in free for the Knockout contest taking place that evening.

Note: Although similarly structured, these piobaireachd events will not be counted toward Knockout point standings.


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