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Results – Highland on the Rideau (Smiths Falls) 2013

June 22, 2013

The Highland on the Rideau games were held at an outdoor venue different from last year’s river front digs. Lower Reach Park  is also on a river front just east of the previous location but with excellent facilities and lots of field space. The weather threatened with some spot showers but overall a good over-cast day.

Practice ChanterEventFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place Drumming Practice Pad Jordan McLarry Duncan Shaheen Gr.5 Snare Matthew Houlzet Kelsey Bailey Gr.4 Snare James Wallace Johnson William Mitchell Shahna Summers Gr.3 Snare MacGregor van de Ven Rita DeNobriga Open Snare MSR Piping Practice Chanter Catlin Cope Naomi Mitchell Gr.5 March Kara Bush Alexander McLarry Rovert Moffatt Gr.4 March Neil Bell Anna Savage Sheldon Birkett Gr.3 March A Matthew Yuen Andrew C. Robertson Chris Macdonell Gr.3 March B Alexander L. Robertson Bev Quinn Lochie Bisaillion Gr.3 Strathspey/Reel A Matthew Yuen Chris Macdonell Alexandra Blockley Gr.3 Strathspey/Reel B Lochie Bisaillion Alexander L. Robertson Charles-David Mitchell Gr.1&2 March Chris Dodson Amanda Bush Valerie Cooke Johnson Gr.1&2 S/R  Valerie Cooke Johnson Amanda Bush John Steele Gr.1&2 Jig Valerie Cook Johnson Amanda Bush Chris Dodson Novice Adult Peter Smith Novice Piobaireachd Jeff Stellick Angus MacLeod Robert MacNaull Junior Piobaireachd A Clare Grant John Virag Walter McLeish Junior Piobaireachd B Taylor Young Millage Alexandra Blockley Amanda Bush Intermediate Piobaireachd Charles David Mitchell Dave Campbell Steve Brooke Open Trio Hornpipe/Jig Jason Baird, Ross Davidson, Jim Bush Steve Brooke, Mark Straby, Troy Hamstra Band Drummers’ Salute Gr.5 March Medley Rob Roy Napanee and District, Sons of Scotland Gr.4 Medley Arnprior McNab Glengarry Highland Mist Gr.4 March Glengarry Arnprior McNab Highland Mist


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