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Results: January 6th Knockout & Upcoming Dates

The first Ottawa Branch event of 2018 took place Saturday, January 6th at the HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess in downtown Ottawa. The evening featured the Slow Air & 6/8 contest for 40+ Piping, and 2/4 March contest for B Piping. The judge for both events was Amy Garson, who played a few tunes after the contest.

Thanks to all that took part! The next Branch event is on February 3rd (details below).

B Piping

2/4 March

  1. Paula Campbell

  2. Matthew Shepheard

  3. Rowan Meyer

  4. Jonathan Shepheard

  5. Liam Rozon

  6. Robert Miller

40+ Piping

Slow Air & 6/8 March

  1. Annie Jodoin

  2. D.J. McDonald

  3. Thomas MacKenzie

From Left to Right: Andrea Boyd (Branch Vice President), Allan MacKenzie (Branch Secretary), Annie Jodoin (40 + Piping – 1st), Thomas MacKenzie (40 + Piping – 3rd), D.J. McDonald (40+ Piping – 2nd), Paula Campbell (“B” – 1st), Rowan Meyer (“B” – 3rd), Amy Garson (Judge and Recitalist), Jonathan Shepheard (“B” – 4th), Robert Miller (“B” – 6th), Matthew Shepheard (“B” – 2nd), Liam Rozon (“B” – 5th)

Point standings for the Knockout series can be found here.


Upcoming Events

February 3rd

  1. Piobaireachd Contest

  2. Entries due January 25th

  3. Knockout Contest

  4. A Piping – MSR

  5. B Piping – Mini-MSR

  6. A Drumming – HJ

  7. B Drumming – 6/8 March


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