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Results – Ottawa Branch Indoor Games 2013

The annual Ottawa Branch Indoor Games convened at St. Michael’s Catholic Highschool in Kemptville Ontario. The affair was very well attended with approximately 350 through the doors.

The highlight of the band competition was Grade 3 Medley with a high standard of play from both Air Command Pipes and Drums and from Rob Roy Pipe Band. The rival bands tied adjudicator scores but Rob Roy edged Air Command on Ensemble thus taking the prize. A squeaker for sure.

Judges for all band events: Brian Williamson, Andrea Boyd (piping); John Elliott (ensemble); Craig Stewart (drumming)

Also, additional mini competitions were laid on for quartets and a drum fanfare. Air Command group #3 won Quartet A competition while 413 Wing won Quartet Group B. Air Command also won the drum fanfare event.

The executive would like to thank Brown Bagpipe Supply and McCarthy Highland Services for their donations and outstanding support of Ottawa Branch events.

We would also like to give a shout out to the volunteers who served as runners, registrars and stewards: Tom Brown Donna McMullen Louise Adam Mitchell Tracy Young Kelly Bush MacGregor van de Ven Jamie MacCulloch Jack Yourt Lucy Caverly Ross Davison Neil Birkett

Brenden Kelly wins the raffle basket.

Brenden Kelly wins the raffle basket.


Bronis MacDougall, James Johnson and Alan Parks.

Lochie Bisaillion


Young Anna Parks’ first competition win.

ResultsEvent1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th Place6th PlaceSolo Piping Practice Chanter Kara BushCaitlin CopePiping Grade 5 MarchAnna ParksJeff StellickBronis MacDougallCallum GautheirRenee DeSerresYsahnn LeonardPiping Grade 4 “A” MarchBranna MacDougallCraig McPhersonSheldon BirkettAllan WalkerThomas MacKenzieJames van de VenPiping Grade 4 “B” MarchNeil BellRachel HoulzetRobert MacNaullErin ShaheenAngus J. MacLeodRon GrahamPiping Grade 3 March AAndrew C. RobertsonAlexander L. RobertsonMatthew YuenAlexandra BlockleyBev QuinnConnor ElliotPiping Grade 3 March BChris MacdonellClare GrantJason BairdCharles Hinse MacCullochLochie BisaillionBailey MacDonaldPiping Grade 3 S/RMatthew YuenChris MacdonnellAndrew C. RobertsonJason BairdClare GrantBev QuinnPiping Grade 2 MarchAmanda BushRyan KavanaghSteve BrookePiping Grade 2 S/RAmanda BushWalter McLeishSteve BrookePiping Grade 2 JigAmanda BushWalter McLeishSteve BookePiping Grade 1 MarchValerie Cooke JohnsonAmanda PullingChris DodsonPiping Grade 1 S/RChris DodsonValerie Cooke JohnsonAmanda PullingPiping Grade 1 JigValerie Cooke JohnsonChris DodsonAmanda PullingNovice Piobaireachd Jeff StellickAngus J. MacLeodJunior “A” PiobaireachdLochie BisaillionAllan WalkerClare GrantJames van de VenJunior “B” PiobaireachdNeil BellTaylor Young MillageAlexandra BlockleyWalter McLeishCharles Hinse MacCullochRachelle RenaudIntermediate PiobaireachdBev QuinnSteve BrookeDave CampbellChris MacdonnellJoan TailleferJason BairdSenior Piobaireachd Amanda Pulling Chris DodsonOver 40 Plus MarchNeil BellMichael DurantJames van de VenAngus J. MacLeodRon J. GrahamSolo DrummingNovice Practice PadGrade 5 Snare MarchMatthew HoulzetBrogan MacDougallAlan ParksKelsey BaileyJenna McMullenPadraig MacDougallGrade 4 Snare March (2/4) James JohnsonShahna SummersWilliam Mitchell Kiernan Alexander Thomas MacKenzieGrade 3 Snare MSROpen Amateur Snare MSRDevin RobertsOpen Amateur BassOpen Amateur Flourishing TenorRebecca MacdonellWilliam MitchellShanyn Young MillagePipeband Medley CompetitionGrade 5 Pipe Band MedleyRob Roy PB Gr.5 (2,1,1,1)The Sons of Scotland Gr.5 (1,2,2,2)Smiths Falls Gordon (3,3,4,3)Kemptville Legion (4,4,3,4)Grade 4 Pipe Band MedleyGlengarry Pipe Band Gr.4 (1,1,1,1)Arnprior MacNab (2,2,2,2) Highland Mist Gr.4 (3,3,3,3)Ottawa Police Service Gr.4 (4,4,4,5)The Sons of Scotland Gr.4 (5,5,5,4)Grade 3 Pipe Band MedleyRob Roy PB Gr.3 (2,2,1,1)(ensemble preference)Air Command Pipes and Drums Gr. 3 (1,1,2,2)

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