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Updates: October 29th Knockout, Upgrades & Ceremonial Guard Hiring

October 29th Knockout

The next Branch Knockout event takes place Saturday, October 29th at the HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess in downtown Ottawa.

  1. When: 7:30 pm

  2. Events: B Piping – Slow Air, 6/8 March (4 parts), 40+ Piping – One 2/4 (4 parts)

  3. Cost: $7.00

Competitors can still register in advance, or sign up on the day. Register early to secure a better draw!

Did you miss the first Knockout, but are still interested in competing through the fall and winter? Any competitors can still take part in upcoming events.


PPBSO Ottawa Branch

Upgrades for Ottawa Branch Bands and Soloists

Several Ottawa Branch bands and soloists were recently upgraded by the Board of Directors based on recommendations by the PPBSO Music Committee and Grading Subcommittee.

Congratulations to all!


Ceremonial Guard Hiring

CG Recruitment


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