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2018 Indoor Highland Games: Notes to competitors

As the registration deadline for the 2018 Ottawa Branch Indoor Highland Games in Kemptville approaches, we’re writing with a few notes and reminders for competitors.

We’re looking forward to a great day of piping and drumming competitions!

  1. PPBSO grades: The games is unsanctioned, but competitors are expected to compete in their PPBSO (or affiliate organization) assigned grade, or risk disqualification. If you entered in the wrong grade, register again before the deadline and we’ll accept the latest entry.

  2. PPBSO rules: PPBSO rules will be followed except where noted (e.g. playing requirements across solo categories). This includes the number of players required for band contests.

  3. Verify your registration: As mentioned, the deadline to register is April 21st, and while we can not accept late entries, we display all entries that we receive in advance. We encourage you to verify that you are registered before the deadline. Follow the links below to do so.

  4. Solo entries

  5. Band entries

  6. Wristbands: New this year, competitors and spectators will receive a wristband when paying the entry fee ($10.00) at the main entrance. Competitors will need to have a wristband in order to compete.

If you have any questions about this, please write to us!


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