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2019 Kingston Scottish Festival Results

The Kingston Scottish Festival was held at Rideau Acres Campground, Kingston on Saturday May 25, 2019. It was a day of changeable weather, from cool and cloudy in the morning to cold and raining during the bands competitions in the afternoon. Final massed bands were cancelled and the awards and score sheets presented in the beer tent.

The band results are listed as (Glenna MacKay-Johnstone Piping 1, Bob Worral Piping 2, Graham Kirkwood Drumming, Ken Eller Ensemble).

The solo results are listed, left to right, as first through sixth.

Pipe Band – Juvenile

1 Connie Blaney Memorial Youth Pipe Band (1,1,1,1)

Pipe Band – Gr.5 March Medley

1 Pipes and Drums of Lindsay (2,1,3,1) 2 Smiths Falls Gordon Pipe Band (1,2,2,2) 3 Kingston Police Pipe Band (3,3,1,3) 4 Glengarry Grade V (4,4,6,4) 5 Ottawa Caledonian Pipes & Drums (5,7,7,5) 6 Rob Roy Pipe Band (Gr.5) (7,6,4,7)

Pipe Band – Gr.4 Medley

1 Barrie Pipes & Drums (1,1,1,1)

Pipe Band – Gr.3 Medley

1 Rob Roy Pipe Band (Gr.3) (2,2,1,1) 2 Glengarry Pipe Band Gr 3 (1,1,2,2)

Solo Drumming

Practice Pad – Nathan Brooks, Liam Selkirk, Peter Birnie-Wortley. Snare Grade 5 – Lillian Scott, Alyssa Pakenham, Gavin Pakenham. Snare Grade 4 – Thomas Mackenzie. Snare Grade 3 – Sarah McKinnon. Snark Grade 2 – Shahna Summers.

Solo Piping (Light Music)

Practice Chanter – Max Ma, Sam Smith. Piping 13 & under – Tomas Macleod, Kaiden Sabbadin. Piping 15 & under March – Kayleigh Johnstone, Rowan Meyer, Liv Muir, Robert Macleod, Heidi McIntyre, Richard Chaytor. Piping 15 & under S&R – Kayleigh Johnstone, Liv Muir, Robert Macleod, Noah Yateman, Rowan Meyer, Noah Grew. Piping 18 & under MSR Piping 18 & under H/J Trio Over 18 – Bell, Nardi, van de Ven;  Byer, Strecker, Knowx-Gallant.


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