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B-Grade and Over 40 Piping Knock Out Results: Oct. 29th

Saturday, October 29th saw the B-grade and Over 40 pipers compete in their first round of the branch knock out series. Chris Dodson fulfilled the judging duties with a very fancy pen and excellent penmanship. He also gave a very enjoyable recital on a very resonant bagpipe.

The results are as follows:

B-Grade: Slow Air & 6/8 march (4 parts)


Ethan Jenkins competing in the B-Grade Slow Air, 6/8 March event.

  1. Ethan Jenkins

  2. Rowan Meyer

  3. Robert Miller

  4. Alexandre Leger

  5. Katherine van der Linden

  6. Rob MacLellan

Over 40 piping: 2/4 March


Thomas MacKenzie competing in the 40+ Piping 2/4 March event.

  1. Thomas MacKenzie

  2. D.J. McDonald

  3. Peter Hill

Reminder that the next branch contest will be on Saturday, November 26th at the HMCS Bytown, where we will see the A-grade pipers perform their best MSRs and the A and B grade drummers duke it out.

Full standings for this year’s knock out series are available here.


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