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Call for Judges

The PPBSO Ottawa Branch executive is looking at ways to increase the number of local PPBSO-certified judges in both piping and drumming.

There are presently a number of top-quality local judges in Eastern Ontario and the intention is to develop the next generation for sanctioned and unsanctioned games for the short and long term. This would help to deepen the pool of band and solo judges for sanctioned and unsanctioned games locally and across the province, as well as for our own Branch knockout series.

The Branch is exploring the possibility of arranging a one-time judging workshop locally to eliminate the need to travel to southern Ontario to attend the annual workshop. If this is not possible we might consider some sort of travel assistance to encourage uptake by prospective local candidates.

Below is a table that sets out the qualifications for the various levels of certification for both solo and band judging. The process involves attending a judging seminar as well as taking a written and aural test. Judges must also be available for PPBSO assignments every year and attend the seminar at least every other year.

For the list of current PPBSO judges and information on judging certification, follow this link:

For further information or to express interest in this process please email Chris Dodson by Saturday, September 14, 2013.


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