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Knockout Results, Branch Executive & Upcoming Events

The first Knockout of the 2017-18 series enjoyed a strong entry, with 17 entrants signed up for the A Piping 6/8 March contest.

The evening began with a Branch AGM. No motions were presented for consideration, and as such the proceedings focused on the election of an executive slate.

The Branch executive for 2017-18 is as follows:

  1. President – Jacob Dicker

  2. Vice President 1 – Ron Graham

  3. Vice President 2 – Andrea Boyd

  4. Treasurer – Wendy McGillivray-Baskerville

  5. Secretaries – Ryan Ross and Allan MacKenzie

The Branch would like to take this opportunity to thank outgoing treasurer Alric Boota for his service to the committee!

We are pleased to welcome Wendy and Allan to the Branch executive. A diverse committee is always ideal, and together, the pipers and drummers on this year’s executive represent six pipe bands across Eastern Ontario.


“A” Piping

Two 6/8 Marches Judge: Chris Dodson

  1. Ross Davison – “Lord MacPherson of Drumochter”, “Leaving Port Askaig”

  2. Liam Melville – “Banks of the Farrar”, “Banks of the Skiach”

  3. Bobbie Smith – “Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward”, “Redford Cottage”

  4. Thomas Bruce – “Old Adam”, “10th Battalion H.L.I Crossing the Rhine”

  5. Hugh Metcalfe – “Captain C.R. Lumsden”, “Kenneth J. MacLeod”

  6. Kaj Sullivan – “Tug Argan Gap”, “Leaving Port Askaig”

A Piping winner Ross Davison

“A” Drumming

MSR Judge: Scott Nicholson

  1. Shahna Summers – “Rhodesian Regiment”, “Dornie Ferry”, “Thompson’s Dirk”

“40+” Drumming

One 6/8 March Judge: Scott Nicholson

  1. Thomas MacKenzie – “Blue Bonnets Over the Border”

Point summaries for the Knockout series can be found here.


Upcoming Branch Events

  1. Knockout Contest

  2. B Piping: Slow Air & 6/8 March contest. Entrants will compete for the Major Archie Cairns Cup.

  3. For the first B event on October 28th, order of play will be in reverse order of registration. Sign up early to secure a later draw!

  1. Knockout Contest

  2. A Piping: Canadian Content Hornpipe/Jig contest

  3. A Drumming – Two 6/8 Marches

  4. B Drumming – Jig

  5. 40+ Drumming – 2/4 March


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