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Ottawa Knockout Results – Oct. 1, 2011

Jason Baird, Charles MacCulloch, Alexendra Blockley

Will Ridley, MacGregor van de Ven, Chris Dodson

(left to right) Richard May, Eric Wilson

The first knockout event of the 2011/2012 season started out with the Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme awards. Soloists and pipe bands were given plaques in recognition of their achievements in the regular 2011 competition season.

Following the awards, Judges Brian Williamson (piping) , and Rob MacLeod (drumming) had a busy slate as both groups A and B were in action for this first knockout.

Special thanks to the organizers for their hard work.

Congratulations to all participants. Results are listed below.

Knockout Results & Point StandingsOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarchA PipingXXChris Dodson3rd (4)XXMacGrgor van de Ven2nd (5)XXAndrew KillickXXTom Brown4th (3)XXWill Ridley1st (6)XXEric NodenXXRoss DavisonXXValerie Johnson6th (1)XXDavid RankinXXDonald Buchanan5th (2)XXRyan RossXXCameron BaskervilleXXB PipingJason Baird1st (6)XXKaj SullivanXXZachary Dwyer6th (1)XXChris MacDonnellXXKathleen McKinnonXXAlexandra Blockley3rd (4)XXRachelle Renaud5th (2)XXMarshall MacPherson4th (3)XXLynn CummingXXCharles MacCulloch2nd (5)XXJeff StellickXXA DrummingEric Wilson1st (6)XXRichard May2nd (5)XXB DrummingShaun Melnyk1st (6)XXJames Johnson2nd (5)XX


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