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PPBSO AGM – 2012 PPBSO Branch Motions

The PPBSO Annual General Meeting will be held 1pm October 27, 2012 at the Best Western Hotel in Brantford Ontario. Submitted Branch Motions will be reviewed and voted on by member attendees and received proxy ballots.

Branch motions are listed below:

Niagara-Hamilton Branch:

Motions Rule b5 b-5.4

New rule by Michelle Curtis, Second Bob A statue of limitations of 15 days be placed on a protest of the result of a competition

New rule 5-5.5 When a protest has been lodged against a result all judges presiding at that event and competitors in that event be notified with opportunity to respond within 7days before the board makes a final decision. New rule Michelle, second Bob

Rule change D2.2 A player may not transfer into a band where he or she has already completed with another band at a PPBSO sanctioned contest during that competition season. Delete the remainder and add

Except by application to the parent body committee responsible and only one such application may be made by any one player during the season.

Proposed by Mark seconded by June

Ottawa Branch:

1. Challenging up

D-1.6 Challenging up: Bands may challenge up one grade at a PPBSO-sanctioned contest:

1. if three or fewer bands are registered to compete in the band’s assigned grade at that contest; and

2. if time permits.

D-1.7 Bands wishing to challenge up must submit entries as per PPBSO rules and registration deadlines, and will be notified of the approval or rejection of their request to challenge up by the Highland Games Committee and/or PPBSO prior to the draw.

D-1.8 Bands challenging up must register and compete in their assigned (lower) grade for any contest where they wish to challenge up. Failure or refusal to compete in, or disqualification from, the assigned (lower) grade event at that contest may result in disqualification from the higher grade event at that contest.

D-1.9 Bands challenging up shall be subject to all requirements of the higher grade event, including tune requirements and minimum number of players.

D-1.10 Bands challenging up may receive prize money for events in both their assigned (lower) grade and the higher grade. Bands may only receive travel money to which they would be entitled in their assigned (lower) grade.

2. Publication of judging summaries

D-16.5 Publication of results: the ranking of bands for each performance and event (where there is more than one performance) shall be posted on the PPBSO website, and shall include the ordinal ranking assigned by all Judges for each performance by each band.

3. Assignment of Judges

B-8.3 Notice of Assignment: Judges shall be advised of their assignments for the upcoming season no later than May 1st of each year. Judging assignments for each PPBSO-sanctioned outdoor contest in the upcoming season shall be posted on the PPBSO website no later than May 15th of each year.

Western Branch:

Motions for the 2012 PPBSO AGM

1. Motions that come before the PPBSO AGM from the Branches must first be vetted by the PPBSO executive as to the viability of the motion before it comes to the General Membership of the PPBSO at the PPBSO AGM. Any motion rejected must be made known to the membership at the AGM with reason.

2. Eliminate consultative judging at PPBSO band competitions.

3. Reallocation of Bass and Tenor Solos A) That flourishing competitions be eliminated from the PPBSO’s standard games package. Should a games wish to have a “line dance” tenor/bass contest, it will be in addition to the standard package offered by the PPBSO. B) That Rhythm tenor/bass contests be added to the PPBSO’s standard games package (i.e every PPBSO sanctioned games will be required to offer a tenor / bass contest)

4. Bass and Tenor Education Initiative. That a midsection adjudicator (i.e. an adjudicator responsible to focus solely on mid/bass sections) be assigned to all band contests for bands Grade 3, 4 and 5. Score sheets will be for the purposed of education only (that is to say, will not count towards the final aggregate). Adjudicators will go through the standard qualification procedure in place for all PPBSO judges, and will be compensated equally. A copy

of the score sheet to be kept by the society.

5. Drum major solo entries close two weeks in advance.

Windsor-Detroit Branch:

For PPBSO sanctioned highland games to offer a “45 & Over” amateur contest. Tune requirements to be determined by the PPBSO Music Committee. Motion offered by: Mitch Snaden – Windsor/Detroit Branch


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