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Results: 2019 Ottawa Branch Indoor Highland Games

Thank you to all who participated in the 2019 Ottawa Branch Indoor Highland Games in Kemptville. The morning saw nearly 100 solo competitors compete across 32 events, followed by an afternoon with 13 quartet and band performances from 10 bands in the eastern Ontario region.

Charles-David Mitchell won the Piper of the Day combined title for Grade 1 solo events. The Glengarry Pipe Band, Grade 3  won the title for best overall band, while Kingston Police Pipe Band won Grade 5. The inaugural juvenile band contest was won by Ottawa Caledonian.

Earlier this year, our pipe band community lost Judy Booth, who was a well loved member of several bands in the area. Judy was a tenor drummer and to honour her legacy, an award of $250 was presented to a novice tenor winner (Gr. 4) to help further the art. We are grateful to the Sons of Scotland, of whom Judy was a member for several years, for this donation.

Margaret Maxwell Haynes, recipient of the Judy Booth Memorial Award, with Branch President Jacob Dicker and Bethany Bisaillon, P/M of the Sons of Scotland Pipe Band

This games would not be possible without community support and the help of numerous volunteers. We are grateful to all of you. Thank you!

2019 Ottawa Indoor Highland Games Results

Bands (Photo credit: Cindy Ritchie)

Judges for all band events: Amy Garson, Brian Williamson (Piping), Harvey Dawson (Drumming), Colin MacLellan (Ensemble)

Grade 3 Medley (one competed)

  1. Glengarry (1,1,1,1)

Best Overall Band: Glengarry, Grade 3  (Pipe Major John Robert “Jack” Coghill Sr. Trophy)

Glengarry Pipe Band- winner of Grade 3 Medley and the P/M Jack Coghill Sr. Trophy for Best Overall Band


Grade 5 March Medley (seven competed)

  1. Kingston Police (1,1,1,1)

  2. Glengarry (2,2,2,3)

  3. Smiths Falls Gordon (3,6,4,4)

  4. Ottawa Caledonian (7,4,7,2)

  5. Black Watch Association (3,6,4,4)

Kingston Police- winner of the Grade 5 contest 


Juvenile March Medley (two competed)

  1. Ottawa Caledonian (1,2,1,1)

  2. Connie Blaney Memorial (2,1,2,2)

Ottawa Caledonian- winner of the 1st Ottawa Branch Indoor Juvenile Band contest


Quartets (four competed)

  1. Conspiracy Pipes (1,1)

  2. Mac an Alba (2,2)

  3. Colonel Mustard (3,3)

  4. Rogues of Northumberland (4,4)

“Conspiracy Pipes”- winner of the Quartet contest


Freestyle Quartet (one competed)

  1. Montreal (1,1)

“Montreal”- Winner of the Freestyle Quartet contest

Judges for all quartets: Chris Dodson, Amy Garson


Solo Piping


Senior (Judge: Colin MacLellan)

  1. Mike Fenton

  2. Callum Gauthier

  3. Charles-David Mitchell

Intermediate (Judge: Colin MacLellan)

  1. Clare Grant

  2. Gregory Joseph

  3. Sean Burgess

  4. Dave Campbell

Junior A (Judge: Alan Clark)

  1. Robert Macleod

  2. Matt Goral

  3. Jérémy Tétrault-Farber

  4. Allan Kerr

  5. Brad McVey

Junior B (Judge: Amy Garson)

  1. Charles Pianosi

  2. Robert Miller

  3. Ron J. Graham

  4. Thomas MacKenzie

  5. Nadine MacRae

  6. Jonathan Shepheard

Novice (Judge: Brian Williamson)

  1. Rowan Meyer

  2. Heidi McIntyre

  3. Annie Jacques

  4. Jean-Sébastien Gamache

  5. Alistair Steele

  6. Rory McKinnon


Light Music

Grade 1 March (Judge: Alan Clark)

  1. Charles-David Mitchell

  2. Hugh Metcalfe

  3. Callum Gauthier

Grade 1 Strathspey/Reel (Judge: Chris Dodson)

  1. Charles-David Mitchell

  2. Mike Fenton

  3. Hugh Metcalfe

  4. Callum Gauthier

Grade 1 Jig (Judge: Ed Bush)

  1. Charles-David Mitchell

  2. Callum Gauthier

  3. Mike Fenton

  4. Hugh Metcalfe


Grade 2 March (Judge: Jacob Dicker)

  1. Sean Burgess

  2. Jérémy Tétrault-Farber

Grade 2 Strathspey/Reel (Judge: Jacob Dicker)

  1. Sean Burgess

  2. Jérémy Tétrault-Farber

Grade 2 Jig (Judge: Colin MacLellan)

  1. Sean Burgess

  2. Jérémy Tétrault-Farber


Grade 3 March A (Judge: Brian Williamson)

  1. Charles Pianosi

  2. Robert Macleod

  3. Megan McIntosh

  4. Nadine MacRae

Grade 3 March B (Judge: Amy Garson)

  1. Gregory Joseph

  2. Paula Campbell

  3. Clare Grant

  4. Jonathan Shepheard

  5. Ron J. Graham

  6. Dave Campbell

Grade 3 Strathspey/Reel A (Judge: Ed Bush)

  1. Charles Pianosi

  2. Robert Macleod

  3. Nadine MacRae

  4. Matt Goral

Grade 3 Strathspey/Reel B (Judge: Chris Dodson)

  1. Gregory Joseph

  2. Paula Campbell

  3. Clare Grant

  4. Ron J. Graham

  5. Dave Campbell

  6. Jonathan Shepheard


40+ March (Judge: Chris Dodson)

  1. James Gendron

  2. Robert Miller

  3. Erin Shaheen


Grade 4 March A (Judge: Ed Bush)

  1. Jenna Dennison

  2. Thomas Rozon

  3. Brad McVey

  4. Noah Grew

  5. Rowan Meyer

  6. Jean-Sébastien Gamache

Grade 4 March B (Judge: Chris Dodson)

  1. Jamie Létourneau

  2. James Gendron

  3. Alistair Steele

  4. Robert Miller

  5. Mike Walsh

  6. Allan Kerr


Grade 5 March (Judge: Alan Clark)

  1. Noah Yateman

  2. Heidi McIntyre

  3. Zoé Gracovetsky

  4. Nathan Stewart

  5. Alysha Desrochers

  6. Robert Trayner


Practice Chanter (Judge: Colin MacLellan)

  1. AvaBea Buchan

  2. Maia Gracovetsky


Solo Drumming

Judge: Harvey Dawson

Grade 1 MSR

  1. Rita DeNobriga

Grade 1 Hornpipe/Jig

  1. Rita DeNobriga

Grade 2 MSR

  1. Shahna Summers

Grade 2 Hornpipe/Jig

  1. Shahna Summers

Grade 3 Snare

  1. Sarah McKinnon

Grade 4 Snare

  1. Thomas MacKenzie

Grade 5 Snare

  1. Owen Yateman

  2. Megan Grant

  3. Gabriel Benay

  4. Duncan Shaheen

  5. Alyssa Pakenham

  6. Christine Brewer

Grade 5 Tenor

  1. Wendy Chaytor

Grade 4 Tenor

  1. Margaret Maxwell Haynes

  2. Nancy McKinnon

Grade 2 Tenor

  1. Andrea Jackson

  2. Jaymee McCarthy

Novice Bass

  1. Nicholas Olmstead

Amateur Bass

  1. Jaymee McCarthy


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