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Results – Feb. 8, 2014 – Canadian Content Contest

The last round of Ottawa Branch Knockout competitions took place Feb. 8, 2014 at HMCS Bytown Officers’ Mess in Ottawa. It was a busy affair with all categories in action. Adjudicators were Bob Waugh (Drumming) and Bob Worrall (Piping). Following the competitions, Bob Worrall gave a fantastic recital despite the lateness of the hour to a rousing request for an encore which hi politely obliged. Thank you Bob Worrall! Group A Piping was competing for the Canadian Content Trophy. Each tune in their medley had to have a Canadian composer.

Raffle Basket with Goodies!

The raffle basket contents were donated by Bob Worrall, McGillivray Piping, Brown Bagpipe Supply, Ace Percussion, Kingston Scottish Festival, and pipes|drums. Thanks go out to our terrific sponsors! Allan Walker was the man of the hour walking away with the contents of the basket after a successful draw.

Allan Walker and Finley van de Ven who drew his lucky ticket.

Allan Walker and Finley van de Ven who drew his lucky ticket.

Matthew Houlzet

Kiernan Alexander

Kiernan Alexander

Group B Drumming 1. Matthew Houlzet 2. Kiernan Alexander

Group A Drumming 1. Devin Roberts 2. Eric Wilson 3. Adam Harrison

Kara Bush

Kara Bush

Group B Piping 1. Kara Bush 2. Allan Walker 3. Bailey MacDonald 4. Emily Clark 5. Sheldon Birkett 6. Alex Leger

Andrew Sandison with the Canadian Content Trophy and Branch President Chris Dodson

Group A Piping 1. Andrew Sandison 2. David rankin 3. Rachelle MacDonald 4. John Steele 5. Valerie Cooke 6. Kaj Sullivan

The following finalists for each category will go on to play at the Knockout Finals in March.

Drumming B James Johnson 11 points Kiernan Alexander 16 points Matthew Houlzet 14 points

Drumming A Devin Roberts 18 points Eric Wilson 10 points Adam Harrison 4 points

Piping B Kara Bush 18 points Allan Walker 10 points Bailey MacDonald 11 points

Piping A Andrew Sandison 11 points Keith Theobold 7 points Ross Davison 6 points John Steele 6 points

Congratulations to all competitors!


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