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Results – Highland on the Rideau (Smiths Falls) 2014

The second running of the Highland of the Rideau at this new venue was graced with a warm sunny day. Lower Reach Park was well attended and a well organized event was enjoyed by all.Event Name#FirstSecondThirdFourthFifthSixthDrumming- Practice Pad Drumming- Gr. 5 Snare5Jamal AkiSarah McKinnonJosh BrazeauJenna WoodRebecca MacDonnell Drumming- Gr. 4 Snare3Jeremy PyoneThomas MacKenzieAlan Parks Drumming- Gr. 3 Snare1Shahna Summers Drumming- Open Snare MSR Drumming- Novice Tenor 3Nathan GreencornKendra MacDonaldDean McKinnon Drumming- Amateur Tenor1Rebecca MacDonnell Drumming- Novice Bass Drumming- Amateur Bass Drummer’s Salute Piping- Practice Chanter1Thomas Rozon Piping- Gr. 5 March9Kirsten StewartAngus WoodElla MacLeodMichaela McConnellJames MackeyPatrick GrantPiping- Gr. 4 March14Allan WalkerJames van de VenCallum GauthierFinley van de VenMatt HelmRon J. GrahamPiping- Gr. 3 March13Kara BushAlexander L. RobertsonAndrew C. RobertsonGordon StewartOliver RommelaereHugh MetcalfPiping- Gr. 3 S/R11Kara BushAndrew C. RobertsonClare GrantAlexander L. RobertsonGordon StewartBev QuinnPiping- Gr. 2 March2Walter Scott McLeishSteve Brooke Piping- Gr. 2 S/R3Kaj SullivanWalter Scott McLeishSteve Brooke Piping- Gr. 2 Jig3Walter Scott McLeishSteve BrookeKaj Sullivan Piping- Gr. 1 March1Liam Melville Piping- Gr.1 S/R Piping- Gr. 1 Jig Piping- Novice Adult Piping- Novice Piobaireached10Ethan JenkinsMatt HelmOliver RomelaereJeff StellinkYsahnn LeonardThomas MacKenziePiping- Junior Piobaireached10Kara BushLochie BisaillionAlan WalkerNeil BellClare GrantAlexandra BlockleyPiping- Intermediate Piobaireached4Dave CampbellSteve BrookeWalter Scott McLeishBev Quinn Piping- Senior Piobaireached1Kaj Sullivan Open Trio1Steve Brooke, Mark Straby, Shawn Melnyk Novice Band Band- Gr. 5 March Medley5Glengarry Gr. 5Rob Roy Gr. 5Quigley HighlandersSons of Scotland Gr. 5Smiths Falls Gordon Band- Gr. 4 Medley4Arnprior McNabBlack Watch AssociationOttawa Police ServiceSons of Scotland Gr. 4 Band – Gr. 4 March Medley3Arnprior McNabSons of Scotland Gr. 4Ottawa Police Service Band- Gr. 3 Medley Band – Gr. 3 March Medley


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