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Results: October 28th Knockout

The first 40+ and B Piping Knockout contests of the 2017-18 series took place Saturday, October 28th at the HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess in downtown Ottawa.

The evening enjoyed a strong entry, with more than 15 competitors entered across both categories. The judge for the evening was Allan MacKenzie, who entertained the crowd with a few tunes afterward.

October 28th Knockout Contest (L-R): Jacob Dicker (Ottawa Branch President), D.J. McDonald, Annie Jodoin, Rory McKinnon, Rowan Meyer, Paula Campbell, Allan MacKenzie (judge, Ottawa Branch Secretary), Thomas MacKenzie, Jonathan Shepheard, Robert Miller, Nadine MacRae

“B” Piping

Slow Air & 6/8 March

  1. Paula Campbell – “For Ireland I’d Not Tell Her Hame”, “John D. Burgess”

  2. Jonathan Shepheard – “Hector the Hero”, “Atholl Highlanders”

  3. Rory McKinnon – “Sine Bhan”, “Dundee City Police Pipe Band”

  4. Rowan Meyer – “Sleeping Tune”, “Jean Mauchline”

  5. Robert Miller – “Mrs. Joy Cairns”, “Captain C.R. Lumsden”

  6. Nadine MacRae – “Hi-Ri Ho-Ro Mo Nighneag”, “The Braemar Gathering”

“40+” Piping

2/4 March

  1. Annie Jodoin – “Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban”

  2. Thomas MacKenzie – “Walter Douglas, MBE”

  3. D.J. McDonald – “After the Party”

Point summaries for the Knockout series can be found here.

Allan MacKenzie playing a few tunes after the contests.


Upcoming Branch Events

  1. Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme Award presentations (which will be announced soon!)

  2. Knockout Contest:

  3. A Piping: Canadian Content Hornpipe/Jig contest

  4. A Drumming – Two 6/8 Marches

  5. B Drumming – Jig

  6. 40+ Drumming – 2/4 March

  1. Knockout Contest:

  2. B Piping – 2/4 March

  3. 40+ Piping – Air & 6/8 March


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