Results – Ottawa Branch Knockout Final

The Ottawa Branch Knockout Finals were held, Saturday, March 15, 2014 at HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess in Ottawa. The event was adjudicated by Ken Constable (Drumming) and Jacob Dicker (Piping). A big thank you to Jacob Dicker for a marvellous post-final recital!

Over 40 competitors with President, Chris Dodson (l-r): Jim Bush, Jeff Stellick, Randy McIntosh.

Drumming B competitors with President Chris Dodson (l-r): Kiernan Alexander, Matthew Houlzet.

Piping A competitors with President Chris Dodson (l-r): Andrew Sandison, Ross Davison.

Piping B competitors with President Chris Dodson (l-r): Kara Bush, Allan Walker, Bailey MacDonald.

Raffle winning tickets were drawn by Finley van de Ven. The raffle basket was won by Wendy McGillivray-Baskerville. A beautiful print by Barbara Macdonell was won by Kara Bush.

Kara Bush wins a beautiful print by Barbara Macdonell.

Wendy MacGillavry-Baskerville wins the final raffle basket.

The raffle basket was sponsored by: Brown Bagpipe Supply Pipes | Drums Kingston Scottish Festival McCarthy Highland Services Bob Worrall

A very big thank you to our very generous sponsors.

Results Drumming – B Division 1. Kiernan Alexander – B Division Drumming Plaque 2. Matthew Houlzet

Drumming – A Division 1. Devin Roberts – A Division Drumming Plaque

Piping – Over 40 1. Jeff Stellick – Joan Matthews-Khan Trophy 2. Randy McIntosh 3. Jim Bush

Piping – B Division 1. Kara Bush – B Division Piping Trophy 2. Allan Walker 3. Bailey MacDonald

Piping – A Division 1. Andrew Sandison – A Division Piping Trophy 2. Ross Davison 3. John Steele

Jacob Dicker in recital.

Congratulations to all competitors! We want to thank all attendees, family, friends and helpers who helped to make this competition year a success!

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