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Results – Ottawa Branch Knockout – Group B Jan. 7, 2012

Archie Cairns Cup

The new venue, at the Navy Officers’ Mess on Lisgar St., was well attended for the Group B Archie Cairns Cup slow air, 6/8 competition. There was a full roster of 11 pipers and three drummers as well as over 35 spectators. Adjudicators were P/M Allan Clark for piping and Jim Corrigan for drumming. The competition was followed by a spirited Drumming recital given by Jim Corrigan (Chris Dodson accompanying) and an energetic piping recital by P/M Alan Clark.

Some photos of the new venue!

Jason Baird in action

The Crow’s Nest – view from the back

Photos of our participants and organizers!

John Steele with our Vice President 2 - Ron Graham

Drumming Finalists (l to r): MacGregor van de Ven, Shaun Melnyk, James Johnson

Top 6 (l to r): Branna MacDougall, Zachary Dwyer, Charles Hinse McCullough, John Steele, Watler McLeish, Jason Baird



1. MacGregor van de Ven 2. Shaun Melnyk 3. James Johnson

Piping: 1. John Steele (Archie Cairns Cup) 2. Zachary Dwyer 3. Walter McLeish 4. Jason Baird 5. Charles Hinse McCullough 6. Branna MacDougall

A great big thank you to the audience members, competitors, judges and organizers!

Ok, on to the list for the finals! The following competitors have qualified to compete in the Group B final this March 10, 2012: Piping: John Steele Jason Baird Marshall MacPherson Walter McLeish

Drumming: James Johnson Shaun Melnyk Macgregor van de Ven


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