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Results: Piobaireachd Contest & Knockout – Finalists Announced!

Thanks to all that took part in Saturday’s Piobaireachd and Knockout contests.

They day began with the Branch’s 2018 Piobaireachd contest, which saw 16 competitors enter across three categories.

In the evening, 30+ competitors entered in the Drumming, Piping A and Piping B categories.

Congratulations to all prize winners!

Piobaireachd Contest

A Piobaireachd – 1 piobaireachd, own choice

  1. Mike Fenton

  2. Olivier Rommelaere

  3. Dave Campbell

Judge: Ed Bush

B Piobaireachd – 1 piobaireachd, own choice

  1. Robert Miller

  2. Greg Joseph

  3. Thomas MacKenzie

Judge: Andrea Boyd

C Piobaireachd – 1 ground, own choice

  1. Rowan Meyer

  2. Gabrielle Soucy

  3. Annie Jacques

Judge: Brian Williamson


Knockout Contest

A Piping – MSR

  1. Liam Melville

  2. Ross Davison

  3. Charles-David Mitchell

  4. Hugh Metcalfe

  5. Callum Gauthier

  6. Nico Gravel

Judge: Jacob Dicker

Saturday’s A Piping prize winners. (Photo: Cindy Ritchie)

B Piping – Mini-MSR

  1. Jonathan Shepheard

  2. Paula Campbell

  3. Rob MacLellan

  4. Matthew Shepheard

  5. Gabrielle Soucy

  6. Rowan Meyer

Judge: Ed Bush

Saturday’s B Piping prize winners. (Photo: Cindy Ritchie)

B Drumming – 6/8 March

  1. Sarah McKinnon


Knockout Finalists

The following competitors have made it through to the Knockout finals, which will take place March 3rd. Congratulations all! Final standings for the series to date can be found here.

A Piping

  1. Charles-David Mitchell

  2. Hugh Metcalfe

  3. Liam Melville

  4. Ross Davison

B Piping

  1. Jonathan Shepherd

  2. Matthew Shepherd

  3. Paula Campbell

  4. Rowan Meyer

40+ Piping

  1. Annie Jodoin

  2. D.J. McDonald

  3. Thomas MacKenzie

A Drumming

  1. Shahna Summers

B Drumming

  1. Sarah McKinnon

40+ Drumming

  1. Thomas MacKenzie


Fred Morrison Concert

The Fred Morrison show is tomorrow! Only a handful of tickets are still available online. Looking forward to a great show!


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