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WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Knock-out final round results

The final round of the PPBSO Ottawa Branch knock-out series were held recently on Saturday March 4th and our series champions were crowned. The judges for the evening were Kenny Constable for the drumming and Andrea Boyd who judged the piping and provided a very entertaining recital to cap the evening off.

Once again, we have to thank our very supportive membership who allow these contests to be such so successful. Also, a big thank you to the HMCS Bytown for always being very gracious hosts and for such a great and welcoming venue.

On to the results…

A Piping:

  1. Thomas Bruce

  2. Ken Garson

  3. Hugh Metcalfe

2017 A Piping Champion: Thomas Bruce

B Piping:

  1. Olivier Romelaere

  2. Rowan Meyer

  3. Robert Miller

B Piping Champion: Olivier Romelaere

Over 4o Piping:

  1. Ewen Booth

  2. D.J. McDonald

  3. Thomas MacKenzie

40+ Piping Champion: Ewen Booth

A Drumming:

  1. Shahna Summers

A Drumming Champion: Shahna Summers

B Drumming:

  1. Brandon Nadeau

  2. Jordan Francis

Next event! Roddy MacLeod in Ottawa & Glengarry Cup

A reminder that the Glengarry Cup will be taking place on Saturday April 8th as judged by Roddy MacLeod. Mr. MacLeod will also be providing workshops throughout the day and again on Sunday April 9th. Please follow the link for all details.


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