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Workshop and Ottawa Branch Knockout Final 2015


The Ottawa Branch workshop was given by Terry Tully and Stephen Creighton of St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band at the HMCS Bytown Officers’ Mess. Sessions consisted of Beginner/Intermediate in the morning and Advanced in the afternoon for both piping and drumming.

Terry and Stephen were troves of knowledge and shared as much as they could with a capacity crowd. The day was not long enough! These were two very approachable and generous gentlemen and we were very happy to have them as guest instructors.


Terry Tully shares the finer points of great drone sound.

Stephen Creighton discusses advanced drumming technique.

Knockout Final

Emily Kate MacLellan in competition.

The Ottawa Branch Knockout final was held Saturday March 8, 2015 at HMCS Bytown in beautiful Ottawa. The event was adjudicated by Terry Tully and Stephen Creighton of St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band. Competitors in Piping A, Piping B, Over 40 Piping, Drumming A and Drumming B performed to a capacity crowd of approximately 150. Afterwards, a rousing recital was given by Terry Tully and Stephen Creighton with a very warm Irish appeal to each set. Thank you to two very talented musicians for giving an absolutely rousing performance.


Terry presents the prize for Knockout Piping A to Emily Kate MacLellan.

Hugh Metcalfe wins the Ottawa Branch Piping B category.


The Ottawa Branch Over 40 Piping category was won by Lynn MacGillivray.


Stephen Creighton congratulates Joe Kiah for winning the Open Drumming Contest.

Devon Roberts accepts the Prize for the Drumming B category.

Young Matthew Houlzet wins the Ottawa Branch Drumming B category.

Terry Tully in the first half of the recital.


Drumming B 1. Devin Roberts 2. Rita DeNobriga

Drumming A 1. Matthew Houlzet

Drumming Open 1. Joe Kiah 2. Devin Roberts 3. Brendan Kelly 4. Jim Bush 5. Rita DeNobriga

Over 40 Piping 1. Lynn MacGillivray 2. Alistair Steele 3. Rob MacLellan 4. James van de Ven

Piping B 1. High Metcalfe 2. Callum Gauthier 3. Finley van de Ven

Piping A 1. Emily Kate MacLellan 2. Ryan Ross 3. Kara Bush


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