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Fall 2021: Branch Events and Community Announcements

This fall, we are looking forward to hosting a number of events. The vaccine rollout makes the feasibility of in-person events much greater, however the potential impact of the delta variant means we need to proceed with caution.

This makes things a bit difficult from an event organizing perspective. For that reason, we are proceeding with planning for a mix of online and in-person events, details of which will be announced as they come together.

To give competitors as much predictability as possible, we are looking to online formats. However unlike last season, you can look forward to more opportunities to connect with the piping and drumming community through in-person events. Details will be shared as they become available.

Glengarry Cup: Online professional contest

Last year’s online version of the Glengarry Cup was a great success. While an in-person event is of course preferable, we are going to again provide an online format that will provide professional pipers from outside our region with the opportunity to compete for this prize. Whereas the contest has been invitational in previous years, it will be open to all interested professionals this year. Video submissions will be due in October, and more details will follow.

Online Knockouts, with more news on in-person events coming soon!

We look forward to holding the next Knockout series, featuring categories and requirements comparable to previous years, but this will also be done via video submission. Starting with online events is the best way to guarantee a level playing field for all. More details will be made available in the coming weeks.

Community announcements

New Beer! Scottawa

There is a rich Scottish history in our Capital City, and what better way to recognize it than with great beer and amazing music? In partnership with the Ottawa City Piping College (a non-profit organization), Stray Dog Brewing Company brewed Scottawa; a crisp, dry-hopped lager that will quench your thirst on a summer patio and have you jumping out of your kilts. A portion of sales will be donated to the college to help with scholarships, seminars and purchasing of musical instruments. Available now for pickup, home delivery and Ontario shipping (online orders at


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