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Introducing the 50th Anniversary History Series

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the PPBSO Ottawa Branch, we are proud to launch a history series that will take readers through the past half century of piping and drumming history in this region.

We are grateful to Past President Graeme Ogilvie for spearheading this effort in collaboration with many others both in our region and further afield. Over the next several months, we will share biographies, photos, stories and more. All of this material will have a permanent home on the Ottawa Branch website.

Installment #1 - The Ottawa Piping Club

Our many thanks to Morag Jamieson, Brian Williamson, Bethany Bissaillion, and Amy Garson for contributing to this article.

Before the Ottawa Branch of the Pipers' and Pipe Band Society of Ontario (PPBSO) there existed the Ottawa Piping Club. Founded in 1968, it ran as a club “to encourage the playing of the Great Highland Bagpipe and help perpetuate its music”. The club had its humble beginnings in September 1968 with meetings held in the Sergeants’ Mess of the Cartier Square Drill Hall, immortalized at the time with a 6/8 march written by H. Anderson, appended at the end of this article.

The first slate of officers included P/M Sam Scott as President, Vice-President P/M George Buchanan, Secretary Jack Coghill Sr, Treasurer Richard Cameron, Club Piper Charlie Bell, and committee members George Robertson, P/M John MacKenzie and Finlay Dingwall. Annual membership fees were $2.00.


The Next Knockout Deadline is February 20th

Remember to submit your Knockout performance videos by February 20th. This is the date by which entries AND videos are due. Like last time, judges will be assigned based on entries and will be drawn primarily from Eastern Ontario.

Individuals with the top three highest point totals in each category will be invited to the Knockout Finals!

Categories for this month include:

  • A Piping - Canadian Content H/J (min. 4 pts each)

  • B Piping - Mini-MSR (2 pts each tune)

  • A Snare - H/J (min. 4 pts each)

  • B Snare - S/R (4 pts each)

  • C Snare - 3/4 March (2 pts)

  • A Tenor - H/J (min. 4 pts each)

  • B Tenor - S/R (4 pts each)

  • A Bass - H/J (min. 4 pts each)

  • B Bass - S/R (4 pts each)

PPBSO Town Hall

Save the date! The PPBSO is presenting a 45-minute town hall for members Saturday, February 27, 2021 at 10:00 am. The online Zoom session will be hosted by President Michael Grey with lots of support from Board membership. Zoom details will be announced closer to the date. Feel free to email questions in advance to Sharon Duthart, PPBSO Administrator - or ask on the day!

One of the world’s most accomplished pipers was today confirmed Chair of the Music Committee by the Board of Directors of The Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario. Master player, Jim McGillivray steps into the role of Chair of the PPBSO’s vital Music Committee, a diverse team of seasoned piping and drumming experts charged with nurturing and supporting the organization’s steady and true musical direction.

McGillivray is joined by five new additional members, names familiar to many in the world of piping and drumming: Andrea Boyd, Ross Brown, Conor Cooper, Trish Kirkwood and Doug MacRae.


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