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October 7th Results: Knockout, Motions and Elections

The first Branch event of the fall was a great success, with a large crowd entertained by 22 performances across four Knockout categories. Thomas Bruce was the winner in A Piping. A Drumming was won by Rita DeNobriga, with B Drumming won by Brandon Nadeau, and 40+ Drumming won by Thomas MacKenzie. Congratulations to all competitors!

The next Branch event is on Saturday, October 29th for B Piping and 40+ Piping. Register here!


PPBSO Ottawa Branch

Annual General Meeting


The evening began with elections for the Branch executive, with the process overseen by Brian Williamson. The Branch executive for 2016-17 is:

  1. President: Jacob Dicker

  2. 1st Vice President: Ron Graham

  3. 2nd Vice President: Andrea Boyd

  4. Secretary: Ryan Ross

  5. Treasurer: Alric Boota

The Branch extends its sincere thanks to outgoing executive members Neil Bell (Treasurer), and Jim Bush (2nd Vice President), both of whom made great contributions during their years on the committee.


Members present also discussed four motions and one resolution, all of which passed. These have now been passed on to the PPBSO main body for consideration and inclusion in the PPBSO AGM, which takes place on November 12th in Brantford.


 Knockout Results

A Piping (Two 6/8s)

Judge: Brian Williamson

  1. Thomas Bruce

  2. Hugh Metcalfe

  3. Finley van de Ven

  4. Walter McLeish

  5. Charles-David Mitchell

  6. Mike Fenton

20161007_233906 (3)

Some of the evening’s contestants (left to right): Walter McLeish, Brandon Nadeau, Thomas Bruce, Rita DeNobriga, Shahna Summers

A Drumming (Two 6/8s)

Judge: Brendan Kelly

  1. Rita DeNobriga

  2. Shahna Summers

B Drumming (2/4 March)

  1. Brandon Nadeau

  2. Jordan Francis

  3. Joshua Brazeau

40+ Drumming (2/4 March)

  1. Thomas MacKenzie

Full Knockout standings can be found here. These will be updated as the series progresses.


Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme Awards

The evening concluded with presentations to 2016 Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme winners. Congratulations to all winners!

The Branch extends its sincere thanks to The Scottish and Irish Store for donating plaques for each Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme winner.


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