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Remember! Piobaireachd Workshop, Knockout Final & Recital THIS Weekend

Join us this Saturday for a piobaireachd workshop, Knockout final and recital with double Gold Medal winner, senior judge and all around authority Colin MacLellan.

Piobaireachd Workshop

Colin will be providing us with insights into various 2016 Gold and Silver Medal tunes, recordings, the various settings, and some pitfalls to avoid in the presentation of these tunes. For those of you that have either a competitive OR listening interest in ceol mor, this will be a fantastic afternoon of insight and passing of knowledge from one the best.

  1. When: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

  2. Where: HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess, 78 Lisgar St. in downtown Ottawa

  3. Cost: $25.00 per participant

We will have a projector on hand for Colin’s use during the workshop, so no printed materials are necessary, however it is recommended that participants bring their books if they have them (Kilberry etc). Tea and coffee will be provided.

Colin MacLellan at the 2015 Glengarry Cup

Knockout Final & Recital

Join us Saturday evening for the 2016 Knockout Final. Finalists will compete with medleys of their own choice in all categories (Piping 40+, B & A, Drumming B & A). A list of finalists is available here.

  1. When: 7:00 pm

  2. Where: HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess, 78 Lisgar St. in downtown Ottawa

  3. Cost: $7.00

Our piping judge Colin MacLellan will be giving us some tunes after the contest!

Judges: Colin MacLellan, Scott Nicholson

Branch Business

In previous years, the PPBSO Ottawa Branch has held executive elections in the spring, however, the PPBSO main body has asked that moving forward all branch elections take place in the autumn. To align with other branches, the evening will begin with a motion to implement a one-time extension of current PPBSO Ottawa Branch executive members’ terms to cover the summer months (until September 2016). An election will be held at the first Knockout in fall 2016. Only current paid members of the PPBSO will be eligible to participate in this vote. Those members wishing to only discuss the motion, but not take part in the rest of the evening will not be required to pay the $7.00 entrance fee.


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