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Reminder: Reed Workshop Registration, Glengarry Cup & Ottawa Branch Indoor Games

Reed and Sound Fundamentals Workshop

Saturday, April 9th | 1:30 pm – RCAF Officers’ Mess

The PPBSO Ottawa Branch is pleased to offer a Reed and Sound Fundamentals Workshop with John Elliott of Sound Supreme Reeds. In this session, John will focus on:

  1. pipe reed making,

  2. maintenance,

  3. reed manipulation,

  4. trouble shooting and setup.

This workshop is geared towards all levels of players and will provide some insights into the working efforts of producing a quality sound.


2016 Glengarry Cup

Saturday, April 9th | 7:30 pm – RCAF Officers’ Mess

The Glengarry Cup Open MSR Contest is open to select participants, each of which is asked to submit a march, strathspey, and reel of their own choice (minimum four parts each). This is set to be a great evening with lots of good tunes from the best in the area! We are pleased to be joined by John Elliott to judge the event.


PPBSO Ottawa Branch

Ottawa Branch Indoor Highland Games

Saturday, May 7th | St. Michael High School, Kemptville

Join us in Kemptville and enjoy solo piping and drumming competitions in the morning, followed by quartet and pipe band competitions in the afternoon.

Ready to compete but not registered yet?


Other Upcoming Events in Eastern Ontario


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