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Results: 2021 Ottawa Branch Amateur Piobaireachd Contest

We are proud to announce the final results for the 2021 Ottawa Branch Amateur Piobaireachd Contest. Congratulations to all participants!

The winner of the A category will have their name inscribed on the Pipe Major George D Buchanan Memorial Trophy. We are also happy to share that the winner in each category will be eligible to partake in a one hour mentorship session with one of two mentors, Bob Worrall and Michael Grey, to whom we are grateful for their support! More details on this will be shared with winners shortly.

Judges for the contest were Colin MacLellan and Andrew Hayes.

Senior Amateur Piobaireachd

  1. Ken Garson “The Vaunting”

  2. Laura Mullin “Hail to My Country”

  3. Ryan Kavanagh “The Unjust Incarceration”

  4. Mike Fenton “A Flame of Wrath for Squinting Patrick”

Intermediate Amateur Piobaireachd

  1. Jean-Sébastien Gamache “Black Donald’s March”

  2. Sean Burgess “MacGregor’s Salute”

  3. Kris Bawden “MacLeod’s Salute”

  4. Gregory Joseph “The King’s Taxes”

  5. Andrew Collins “The Lament for Mary MacLeod”

Junior Amateur Piobaireachd

  1. Zachary Dwyer “Munro’s Salute”

  2. Ron J. Graham “Hector MacLean’s Warning”

  3. Robert Miller “Glengarry’s Lament”

  4. Allan Kerr “Glengarry’s Lament”

Novice Piobaireachd

  1. Dominic Kilpatrick “Glengarry’s Lament”

  2. Joanne Drury “Lament for the Son of King Aro”

  3. Cameron Aldous “Struan Robertson’s Salute”

  4. Douglas Oneschuk “The Munro’s Salue”

  5. Noah Grew “Lament for MacSwan of Roaig”


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