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This Saturday! PDQB Info-session, Knockout and Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme Awards

The next Ottawa Branch event will take place this Saturday, December 1st. Please join us for the following:

PDQB Info-Session

The previously announced PDQB Info-Session will take place on December 1st, before the evening’s Knockout. This session will be facilitated by Alan Clark.

  1. When: Saturday, December 1st – 3:00 pm until approximately 5:30 pm

  2. Where: HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess, 78 Lisgar St. in downtown Ottawa

  3. This info-session is free of charge

To provide us with an attendance estimate, please complete this brief form if you plan to attend (if you haven’t done so already):

More about PDQB

The PDQB was established in 2006 “by the RSPBA and the member organisations of the Institute of Piping (Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming, College of Piping, National Piping Centre and Piobaireachd Society), to create a single structure of certificated qualifications in Piping, Pipe Band Drumming, Pipe Bands and associated areas”.

The PDQB offers certificates to pipers, drummers, as well as piping and drumming instructors at various levels.

Why is the PPBSO and Ottawa Branch promoting PDQB certifications?

PDQB certification is a great motivator for education, and offers a method to recognize players’ abilities outside of competition grades. Over the longer term, the PPBSO wants to implement this model such that piping and drumming qualifications could be recognized as curriculum credits by school boards.


Knockout Contest and Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme Presentations

Join us Saturday evening for the next Ottawa Branch Knockout contest.

  1. When: Saturday, December 1st. First competitor at 7:30 pm

  2. Where: HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess | 78 Lisgar St. in downtown Ottawa

  3. Cost: $7.00 per person


  1. 40+ Drumming – 6/8 March

  2. *NEW* C Drumming – 3/4 March

  3. B Drumming – 2/4 March

  4. A Drumming – MSR

  5. A Piping – MSR

The evening will also include Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme Award Presentations (see below).

Our judges for the evening will be Joe Kiah and Chris Dodson.

Players can sign up in advance or register to play upon arrival (on the day registrants will play first in each category).


PPBSO Ottawa Branch

Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme Winners

The evening will feature presentations to the winners of each category in the Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme aggregate. Congratulations to all!

We are grateful to the Scottish and Irish Store for donating this year’s awards.


  1. Grade 3 – Rob Roy Pipe Band

  2. Grade 4 – 8 Wing Pipes and Drums

  3. Grade 5 – Sons of Scotland Pipe Band

The Pipe Major Tom Brown Memorial Cup will be awarded for the second time to the “Most Successful Pipe Band – Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme – All Grades”. This is defined as the band with the most 1st place finishes in contests with two or more bands competing. As such, it is possible for a band in any grade to win this trophy each year. We are proud to announce the Ottawa Highlanders – Grade 3 as this year’s winners

Solo Piping

  1. Grade 1 – Charles-David Mitchell

  2. Grade 2 – Callum Gauthier

  3. Grade 3 – Paula Campbell

  4. Grade 4 – Jonathan Shepheard

  5. Grade 5 – Thomas Rozon

  6. Practice Chanter – Meghan Drake

  7. Senior Amateur Piobaireachd – Mike Fenton

  8. Intermediate Amateur Piobaireachd – Callum Gauthier

  9. Junior Amateur Piobaireachd – Nadine MacRae

  10. Novice Piobaireachd – Brad McVey

Solo Drumming

  1. Grade 1 Snare – Rita DeNobriga

  2. Grade 2 Snare – Shahna Summers

  3. Grade 3 Snare – Sarah McKinnon

  4. Grade 4 Snare – Walter Gammeter

  5. Grade 5 Snare – Megan Grant

  6. Practice Pad – Owen Yateman

  7. Grade 2 Tenor – Andrea Jackson

  8. Grade 3 Tenor – Jaymee McCarthy

  9. Grade 4 Tenor – Magdalen Forshaw

  10. Grade 5 Tenor – Alysha Desrochers

  11. Amateur Bass – Jaymee McCarthy

  12. Novice Bass – Nicholas Olmstead


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