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#12 David Clyde

History Series: Pipe Major David Clyde hails originally from Northern Ireland. He began his musical avocation not as a piper, but rather as a drummer at the age of ten, under the informal tutelage of his uncle who was a drummer in a local pipe band. As he reached his early teens, David decided to try piping and in short order was good enough to play in the Grade 3 Banbridge Pipe Band.

At age 19, David decided to emigrate to Canada, eventually finding his way to Almonte and making contact with Sam Scott, from whom he received regular instruction. His first piping composition was written on the aircraft on the way over. Shortly after takeoff, the aircraft in which David was flying soared over Loch Neagh. Although he had never seen it before, even from the ground, David was inspired to write a four-part 6/8 March, “The Shores of Loch Neagh.”


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