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#59 Margaret Boefhoff

Everyone who knows Margaret Boekhoff (MacDonald-St John) knows she loves drums and drumming! When a conversation turns to drumming, or drums are played within earshot, her eyes light up and her foot starts a tapping.

Margaret MacDonald-St John was born in Montreal, after which her family soon

moved to Ottawa. She began her drumming career at the Glengarry School of

Piping and Drumming in 1977 citing that being berated by John Kerr for the first time (and not the last time) during her second week of lessons tuned out to be quite useful. Margaret’s biggest drumming influence was John Kerr, with Neil Birkett contributing greatly to her development. Margaret credits a month-long teachers' strike while she was in Grade 11 for a huge leap in her skills, playing for hours each day.


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