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#58: Jim Corrigan

Born in North Bay, Ontario, James "Jim" Corrigan was surrounded by a family that

was well associated to the Air Force. His father being a safety equipment technician caused young Jim to move around Canada but then eventually his father landed in Ottawa in the late 1960's. After living in North Bay, his fathers career moved them to CFB Trenton where Jimmy met the Passmore family; the father and grandfather of Mark Passmore. Upon arrival to Trenton, The Corrigan's and the Passmore's were no stranger to each other as Jim's mother and Audrey Passmore were posted to CFB Rockliffe together and Jims father was in the Navy with Jim Passmore.

While living in Trenton Jim Corrigan befriended Mr. and Mrs. Passmore's sons Bob and Garry, through this connection is where Jim received his first pair of drum sticks. Bob and Garry were both playing in the RCAF Station Trenton Pipe Band at the time. One day Bob broke a set of drum sticks while playing on a picnic table and decided to give the broken pieces to Jim. Although Jim had no interest in playing at the time, he kept the broken drum sticks anyway...


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