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#61 Graeme Ogilvie

Graeme was born in Dundee, Scotland in 1954. He and his parents came over to Canada in 1956 via the RMS Queen Elizabeth to NYC and then Trans-Canada Air Lines to Toronto,

settling in Port Credit.

Graeme started learning the pipes at age seven with the East Kiwanis Pipe Band in Hamilton under P/M Jock McFarlane, and played with the band until the age of eleven. The Ogilvie family, moved to Waterloo in 1966 and there Graeme joined the Grade 3 Hespeler Pipe Band under P/M Robert (Bob) Chalmers.

He also began competing on the solo circuit, eventually making it up into (and winning) in Grade 2 solos. Even at that young age he had some significant highlights in his life; he piped solo for Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Kitchener in 1973...and it wouldn't be the last time he crossed paths with royalty!

Thank you to Brian Williamson for this contribution and Graeme Ogilvie for completing his own biography.


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