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#13 Allan Quinn

History Series: Born 27 November 1916 in Ottawa, Allan began taking chanter lessons from his uncle, Alex McBain, at the age of six. From the ages of ten to thirteen, he took piping lessons from P/M Sam Scott. At age eleven, he entered his first solo piping competition in Banff, Alberta and won a gold medal for the MSR. He was the only juvenile among the other adult participants. Those who knew Allan personally would say, without a doubt, that he lived for piping. His whole world revolved around playing the bagpipe, as well as giving the gift of teaching to the many students who trusted his knowledge and experience in the pursuit of enjoyment and perfection.

He taught hundreds of students, some up until one month before he was diagnosed with cancer. Allan was an excellent piping instructor, referred to by some as a “student’s teacher.”

Above all, Allan was an inspiring mentor, a demanding musician, and a good friend.


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