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2019-2020 Knockout Series and Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme

Knockout Series

We are pleased to announce dates and tune requirements for the 2019-20 Knockout Series.

The Knockouts are a staple in the Ottawa Branch calendar, offering amateur pipers and drummers the opportunity to work on repertoire in advance of the outdoor contest season.

Like last year, we have coordinated with the Toronto Branch to align Knockout dates wherever possible. Pipers and drummers thus have the option to compete in both series throughout the fall and winter.

Information about the Toronto Branch Knockout Series can be found here.

Knockout Dates

All events will take place at the HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess in downtown Ottawa.

  1. Saturday, September 28th

  2. Saturday, October 26th – includes AGM and elections (meeting at 7:30 pm, with first soloists at approximately 8:00 pm)

  3. Saturday, November 30th – includes Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme presentations

  4. Saturday, January 11th

  5. Saturday, February 1st

  6. Saturday, February 29th – Ottawa Knockout FINALS

NEW for 2019-20

Branch AGM Date

The Branch AGM will be held at our second Knockout (October 26th), instead of the first Knockout as in previous years.

Tenor and Bass Contests

In addition to A, B, C and 40+ piping and drumming categories, the Branch is going to trial contests for bass and tenor players! Formats are still being finalized and dates will be communicated in the near future. These contests will be held alongside the Knockout Series, but not be included in the Knockout tallies at this stage (similar to the Branch Piobaireachd Contest).

For all drummers, we will communicate in the near future about duty pipers that can help you at a Knockout contest.

2019 Ottawa Branch Knockout Final (L-R): Branch President Jacob Dicker, Vice-President Alan MacKenzie, Gavin Pakenham (C Drumming), Robert MacLeod (B Piping), D.J. McDonald (40+ Piping), Thomas MacKenzie (40+ Drumming), Noah Grew (A Piping), Ross Davison (A Piping), Walter Gammeter (B Drumming), Vice-President Ron Graham (photo: Cindy McGillivray-Ritchie).


Note: The draw for the first Knockout in September will be in reverse order of registration. Sign up early to secure a later draw for the first Knockout.


Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme 2019

Since 2006, the PPBSO Ottawa Branch has awarded champion supreme points to amateur solo competitors and bands at various contests in Eastern Ontario. This includes contests sanctioned by the PPBSO main body, and other events with comparable categories held in the region from May to August.

The final results recognize those pipers, drummers and bands that have had the most overall success during the season at events in our region.

Contests included in the Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme tally include:

  1. Ottawa Branch Indoor Highland Games (Kemptville)

  2. Kingston Scottish Festival Band contests and solo snare drumming for 2019

  3. Youth Highland Competition (Ottawa) – Juvenile band contest only

  4. Glengarry Highland Games (Maxville)

  5. North Lanark Highland Games (Almonte)

For 2019, Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme points will be determined using the solo and band point calculations as defined in the PPBSO Rule Book. Points are allocated depending on the number of competitors registered in the contest, as well as competitors’ placings. For details, please consult the PPBSO Rule Book (rules are also available in a tab within each spreadsheet linked below).

Congratulations to all competitors!

Ties will be broken according to PPBSO rules. Winners will be contacted in autumn 2019. Awards will be presented in November 2019.


  1. Different tabs can be accessed at the bottom of each Google Sheet, showing overall summaries, tabulations by event, and an explanation of rules governing how points are tallied.

  2. Have a question about how points are tallied? Notice a discrepancy? If so, let us know!


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