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2019 Indoor Highland Games: Entry confirmation and other reminders

As the registration deadline for the 2019 Ottawa Branch Indoor Highland Games in Kemptville approaches (April 20th), we’re writing with a few notes and reminders for competitors.

We’re looking forward to a great day of piping and drumming competitions!

Entry confirmation

How can I confirm that I am entered? Once you register, a screen will appear with a link where you can see lists of all registrants. You may need to scroll down or change tabs at the bottom to see your name.

While we can not accept late entries, we display all entries that we receive in advance. We encourage you to verify that you are registered before the deadline. If your name does not appear, then we do not have your entry. Follow the links below to verify:

Other FAQs

Soloists can receive PPBSO Champion Supreme points this year. Does that mean I have register through the PPBSO? No. All registration is handled through the Branch as in previous years:

Do I need to be a PPBSO member to compete? No you do not need to be a member. However only members will receive PPBSO Champion Supreme points afterward.

When is the deadline to register? The deadline to register is two weeks in advance (April 20th).

How does the juvenile band contest work? This category is meant for juvenile bands, or juvenile members of other bands. While individuals that are 18 and under have the option to compete as a group, this will not prevent their ability to also compete with their full band in their regular category afterward.

Volunteers: We are also looking for volunteers to help with stewarding etc. If any members of your band are able to help out, please let us know and forward any names.

Have other questions? If so let us know!


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