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#35: Morag Jamieson

Teacher, mentor, role model, piping judge, Pipe Major and band manager of a Grade three and four pipe bands, member of the Grade 1 Dunvegan Pipe Band, founding member of the Camp Argyle #26, Sons of Scotland Pipe Band, founder of the Ogilvy’s Pipe Band of Ottawa and an accomplished player and competitor in her own right, Morag did much to advance the Scottish Cultural Arts in her time.

Both her and her sister studied highland dancing under local instructor, Yvonne McGregor, and competed extensively in local and provincial competitions, usually dancing to a live piper. But as much as Morag loved to dance, that passion was replaced by her interest in the pipes themselves. The instrument fascinated her and she was determined to become a piper even though there weren’t any female role models at the time.

Thank you to Graeme Ogilvie and Wendy Finan for writing this article!


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