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#40: Scott MacAulay

“I was born and raised in Hamilton,

Ontario, and my parents were from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. A lot

of the people from the Isle of Lewis who emigrated to Southern Ontario

for employment created an environment that was probably more

Highland than if I had been brought up in Scotland. We got together regularly and played music,

Gaelic songs, accordion music, and piping. So it was really a

very rich cultural upbringing. When I was about seven or eight years old I took lessons through the Hamilton East Kiwanis Boys Club (editorial note: with fellow student, Graeme Ogilvie). The piping program was under the instruction of Pipe Major Jock MacFarlane. Upon his death I went on to the City of Dundas Pipe band under Alan Munn and George Sherriff. Then I joined the Erskine Pipe Band, which was a new pipe band in Hamilton, under the direction of Pipe Major Sandy Keith."

Thank you to Graeme Ogilvie for writing this story!


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