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#57 Joe Kiah

Warrant Officer Joe Kiah began his drumming career at the tender age of six, following in his father’s footsteps. Growing up in Brockville, Ontario, Joe joined the local City of Brockville Pipe Band. It was there he received professional instruction from former Canadian Guards drummer, Gary Allen. While attending the 1000 Islands School of Scottish Performing Arts the following four summers, Joe was fortunate to receive instruction from former World Pipe Band Drumming Champion Alex Duthart.

While a member of the City of Brockville Pipe Band, Joe competed with the band in Grade 3. He spent his summers travelling with the band and gaining valuable life experiences. Early on in his life, Joe knew he wanted to join the military and set his sights on that. He enrolled in the Canadian Forces Reserves in April 1985 with the Brockville Rifles.

Thank you to Graeme Ogilvie for writing this story and for editing!


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