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#6: Revisit the Branch's First Meetings

History Series: On this day, March 27th, 1971, the Ottawa Branch held its third meeting at the Cameron Highlanders' Sergeants' Mess.

Ten bands and organizations from across the greater area were represented at this and the previous two meetings on January 22nd and February 28th.

Linked below are the full minutes from these first three meetings. Readers will recognize many of the names and organizations mentioned throughout, several of which have been or will be featured as part of this series.

Throughout, readers will find that until this point, there were many questions around the feasibility of a branch operating at such a distance from other branches and the PPBSO parent body. During this third meeting however, the Ottawa Branch's operating flexibility was clarified through a discussion with PPBSO President Tom Weir and other visitors from the provincial executive.

Elements of what now defines the Ottawa Branch calendar also began to take shape at this meeting. An annual indoor games was discussed, and the concept of the Knockouts--referred to in the minutes as a "fun competition" where winners go into a "play off"--was introduced.


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