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78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band of Ottawa Recruiting

The 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band of Ottawa is recruiting and would like to extend an invitation to area pipers and drummers to join our ranks. The pipe band participates in competitions, ceilidh’s, area parades, festivals, highland games, international events, and supports the goals of the Glengarry Garrison of the 78th Fraser Highlanders.

If you are a capable player looking for a challenge in a new environment with a friendly bunch of people, let us know. The ideal candidate would be capable of grade 4 level playing or better, and is interested in playing well together. The 78th Fraser Highlanders is a registered charity, not just a non-profit. As such, if you are a high-school student, participating in our band counts towards your community service credits.

For information about the band or to attend a practice, contact us by email at:

Help support the band by sharing this message on your Facebook pages, websites etc, and forward it to others that you think could be interested. We’d be happy to see you and them.


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