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Branch AGM Follow Up, Knockout and History Series Reminders

Branch AGM Follow Up

The Ottawa Branch AGM took place during the evening of Tuesday, November 17th. The meeting covered:

  1. Report on activities since the last AGM

  2. Financial update

  3. Nomination and election of executive slate for the next year

  4. Thinking forward: Report on plans and priorities for the Branch amidst COVID-19

  5. Broader discussion: Action items for the PPBSO main body to consider

This included a wide ranging discussion covering topics such as PPBSO membership fees for next year and eliminating barriers to online contest participation.

Members elected an executive slate for the next year. Your Ottawa Branch executive for 2020-21 is:

  • President - Jacob Dicker

  • Vice President 1 - Ron J. Graham

  • Vice President 2 - Karine Mayers

  • Treasurer(s) - Wendy Baskerville, Cindy McGillivray Ritchie

  • Secretary (Communications) - Shahna Summers

Ensuring a diversity of perspectives on this committee is important. The Branch executive for this year includes both pipers and drummers representing seven bands across Eastern Ontario.

The Branch would like to thank outgoing executive members Allan MacKenzie (Vice President 2), and Megan McIntosh (Secretary - Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme) for the contributions over the past few years. Allan MacKenzie recently moved to Mallaig, and we would also like to thank him for his broader contributions to the piping and drumming community in Eastern Ontario as a judge, recitalist, and member of several bands. You’ll be missed Allan!

If you were unable to attend the meeting but would like a copy of the slides, please write to us at

Next Knockout: January 16th

We had a great turnout for the first Knockout back on November 7th. The deadline to register and upload your videos for the second Knockout on January 16th.

Remember! If you missed the first Knockout, that doesn’t mean you can’t compete in the next ones. Points accumulate across the entire series, so you could still qualify for the finals if you take part in the next events.

Reminder: Contribute to the 50th Anniversary History Series

We will be highlighting the history of piping and drumming in our region throughout our 50th year. You can contribute by submitting bios for individuals and organizations! If you are interested in contributing, please write to Graeme Ogilvie at

Click here for a list of the articles that we already have (list at the bottom).


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