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Eagle Pipers’ Society gathering

What an evening!

Colin MacLellan

Approximately 75 people came to either listen and or play at the second meeting of the Canadian chapter of the Eagle Pipers’ Society in Ottawa.

The event had a special guest: Colin MacLellan, one of the co-founders of the re-established Eagle Pipers’ Society in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Colin was his usual entertaining self with funny stories and anecdotes to accompany the sweet sounds of his magnificent bag pipe.  Colin was playing his new “AyrFire” Chanter developed by Colin MacLellan and the Ayreshire Bagpipe Company.

Meat Pies!

Did we mention that there were bevies and meat pies?  A lot of meat pies.  Regardless, not a single one of the 150 meat pies remained at the end of the evening.  For those folks inquiring about the meat pie origins, the pies were purchased from SYSCO according to our venue contact.

James and Ron

Unfortunately we didn’t think to video record the performances.  Our apologies.

The pipers and some of their tunes are listed below.  No particular order.  Again, apologies for the omissions and our poor record keeping.  The organizers will endeavor to improve upon their record.

  1. Ross Davison

  2. Andrew Sandison

  3. Cam Baskerville

  4. Jason Baird (Heroes of Vittoria, MacGregor of Rora , PM Angus MacDonald, Feis Bharaigh ’84, Hector the Hero)

  5. Colin MacLellan (Susan MacLeod, The Sheep Wife)

  6. Ed Bush (The Battle of the Pass of Crieff)

  7. Tom Brown (Lochanside)

  8. Will Ridley

  9. MacGregor van de Ven (The High Drive , Chasing Shadows)

  10. Chris Dodson (Royal Scottish Pipers Society, Donald MacDonald of Waternish, Jimmy Blue)

The event also had a raffle for two baskets of loot which inlcuded a set of Eagle Pipers’ Society cuff links valued at $30.00.  Evelyn Brunton won one basket and a new member of the Son’s of Scotland Pipe Band (the fellow’s name escapes the author) won the other basket.

Raffle Prizes

Jack Coghill Sr. (right). Jack still plays his pipes every day.

Cameron Baskerville

P/M Tom Brown


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