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Finalists for Ottawa Branch Knockout 2014-2015

The finalists were announced for the Ottawa Branch Knockout Competition to be held March 7, 2015.

Special adjudicators will be in attendance for the final. The Ottawa Branch Executive have invited Terry Tully and Stephen Creighton of St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band, 2010 World Pipe Band Champions.

The competitors with the top point standings were:

Drumming Group B Kiernan Alexander (17) Matthew Houlzet (16) Shahna Summers (7)

Drumming Group A Rita DeNobriga (16) Devon Roberts (12)

Piping Over 40 Alistair Steele (11) Lynn MacGillivray (10) James van de Ven (5) Rob MacLellan (4)

Piping Group B Callum Gauthier (16) Hugh Metcalf (11) Finley van de Ven(10)

Piping Group A Ryan Ross (13) Emily Kate MacLellan (11) Kara Bush (8)

Congratulations to the finalists and all participants!


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